Press Conference – Clive Hamilton and David Shoebridge to support Rising Tide 7

Rising Tide Newcastle
Tuesday, 25th January 2011

Newcastle City Hall Friday, January 28, 10am
Clive Hamilton, the founding director of the Australia Institute, will join Rising Tide and Greens MP David Shoebridge in a panel of speakers in Newcastle this Friday to support the seven climate activists being pursued for $525 000 in ‘victims’ compensation’ by Port Waratah Coal Services (PWCS).

PWCS, a joint venture of multinational mining giants Xstrata and Rio Tinto, is pursuing the seven activists for $525,000 in “victim’s compensation” as a result of a peaceful protest, which stopped coal loading in the Port of Newcastle for several hours on September 26 last year.

Rising Tide spokesperson Carly Phillips, a school teacher and defendant in the case, said that the claim’s misuse of the victim’s compensation act was startling.

“The laws being used in this case were designed with the intention of compensating victims of violent crime. That some of the world’s biggest corporations are using the Victims’ Compensation Act to stifle legitimate and peaceful dissent is a gross abuse of this legislation and nothing more than corporate bullying,” Ms Phillips said.

“The mining industry is playing the bully in the schoolyard to counter growing opposition to Australia’s addiction to coal, which is widely recognised as Australia’s number one cause of global warming.”

“Unlike Australia’s governments, we will not cave in to the coal industry while the hour is upon us to phase out fossil fuels and rapidly transition to renewable energy.”

“We will not be silenced by corporate bullies and we will not let this issue be ignored. While the government and coal industry continue approving coal expansions they will be met with protests from the community,” Ms. Phillips said.

The Rising Tide seven will appear at Newcastle Local Court in two full-day hearings on Monday January 31 and Thursday February 3.

The press conference will be held at Newcastle City Hall, (on King St, opposite Civic Park) in the Newcastle Room  at 10am on Friday January 28.
RSVP to by January 27 to
For further information or comment contact Carly Phillips (0422 258 069) or visit for defendant profiles, support statements and further information.


About risingtide7

On September 26, 2010, forty-one community members shut down all three coal terminals at the world's biggest coal port, Newcastle, New South Wales, which is currently undergoing a massive expansion. To tackle the climate crisis we need more courageous people who are willing to stand up for the planet that we all share. Rio Tinto and Xstrata are now seeking $525 000 in "victim's compensation" for lost profits during the protest. This is an abuse of laws designed to protect victims of violent crime. These companies' activities cost the world millions of dollars in climate change impacts, health and environmental impacts, and the destruction of agricultural, winery and manufacturing industries. Their claim to be "victims" is an insult to the people of the Torres Straits, the Pacific Islands, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bolivia and all over the world who will be the first to be affected by climate chaos.
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