Court Hearing Day 2- Feb 3

The second day of of the legal challenge between the Rising Tide 7 and PWCS continues with the claim of $525,000 in ‘victims compensation’ still standing.

The Hearing will commence at 10:30 in court room 6 at Newcastle Local Court.

Rising Tide Spokeswomen Carly Phillips will be available for comment during court reccess 11-11:30, lunch 1-2pm, or after court at 4pm.

“Newcastle coal exports are directly contributing to climate change, and are in fact Australia’s biggest contribution to the problem.”

“To maintain a safe climate we must begin a just tranistion away from the environmentally destructive coal industry. This must start with a ban on any new coal infrastructive or coal expansions.”

“With increased natural disasters in line with scientific predictions for runaway climate change, the time to act is now. We cannot stand by and witness corporate gambling with the safety of the climate.”

“This compensation claim is a cheap and nasty way for PWCS to attempt to stifle dissent for coal exports and coal expansion.”

“If PWCS truly placed the safety of people ahead of their own profits, then they would be planning to phase out coal exports, not double them. Climate change is killing at least 300,000 per year, according to Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva.”

“It would be reckless and greedy for PWCS to ignore the safety of the climate. PWCS’s spin should not take attention away from the real issue.” Said Miss Phillips

“It is either in the local court or the land and environment court. We will not stand by and let corporate greed rule over commonsense. ”

Call Carly Phillips: on 0422 258 069 for further comment.


About risingtide7

On September 26, 2010, forty-one community members shut down all three coal terminals at the world's biggest coal port, Newcastle, New South Wales, which is currently undergoing a massive expansion. To tackle the climate crisis we need more courageous people who are willing to stand up for the planet that we all share. Rio Tinto and Xstrata are now seeking $525 000 in "victim's compensation" for lost profits during the protest. This is an abuse of laws designed to protect victims of violent crime. These companies' activities cost the world millions of dollars in climate change impacts, health and environmental impacts, and the destruction of agricultural, winery and manufacturing industries. Their claim to be "victims" is an insult to the people of the Torres Straits, the Pacific Islands, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bolivia and all over the world who will be the first to be affected by climate chaos.
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