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On September 26, 2010, forty-one community members shut down all three coal terminals at the world's biggest coal port, Newcastle, New South Wales, which is currently undergoing a massive expansion. To tackle the climate crisis we need more courageous people who are willing to stand up for the planet that we all share. Rio Tinto and Xstrata are now seeking $525 000 in "victim's compensation" for lost profits during the protest. This is an abuse of laws designed to protect victims of violent crime. These companies' activities cost the world millions of dollars in climate change impacts, health and environmental impacts, and the destruction of agricultural, winery and manufacturing industries. Their claim to be "victims" is an insult to the people of the Torres Straits, the Pacific Islands, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bolivia and all over the world who will be the first to be affected by climate chaos.

We Won!

Coal Giants’ Compo Claim Fails on Technicality Magistrate Elaine Truscott has today dismissed a $525,000 victims compensation claim brought against 7 climate change protesters on behalf of Port Waratah Coal Services in Newcastle Local court. We are relieved that the … Continue reading

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Court defers judgement – to March 3rd

Newcastle Local Court has today deferred judgement on the $525 000 victims’ compensation claim against the Rising Tide 7 brought by Port Waratah Coal Services, after two full days of hearings. The judgement will be delivered on March 3. The … Continue reading

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Court Hearing Day 2- Feb 3

The second day of of the legal challenge between the Rising Tide 7 and PWCS continues with the claim of $525,000 in ‘victims compensation’ still standing. The Hearing will commence at 10:30 in court room 6 at Newcastle Local Court. … Continue reading

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Court Hearing Day 1- Jan 31

Monday, January 31, 2011 After a full day in court the Rising Tide 7 defendants were convicted of ‘remaining on enclosed lands’ and fined $300 plus $79 in court costs. The PWCS prosecution and the Rising Tide 7 Defendants put … Continue reading

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Press Conference – Clive Hamilton and David Shoebridge to support Rising Tide 7

Rising Tide Newcastle Tuesday, 25th January 2011 MEDIA ALERT Newcastle City Hall Friday, January 28, 10am Clive Hamilton, the founding director of the Australia Institute, will join Rising Tide and Greens MP David Shoebridge in a panel of speakers in … Continue reading

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Gunns 13 supports Rising Tide 7

A couple of states away, thirteen brave climate activists are fighting a massive corporate claim themselves, this time from Tasmania’s biggest company, Gunns Ltd. They’ve written us a letter of support: The members of the Gunns 13 wish to express … Continue reading

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Rising Tide 7 | Stop Misuse of Victim’s Compensation

Climate change is the most urgent threat to our planet’s capacity to support life on earth and coal is the biggest contributor to climate change. On September 26, 2010, Rising Tide Newcastle staged a complete shut down of the world’s … Continue reading

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