Our Friends

Rising Tide is just one little fish in a big sea of groups working hard to protect our climate. There are a lot of ways in which you can support and get involved.

Three groups in particular deserve a special mention:

The Triabunna 13 are thirteen activists currently being sued by Tasmania’s biggest publicly traded company, Gunns Ltd, for shutting down the Triabunna woodchip mill to highlight the forestry industry’s role in fuelling the climate crisis.

The Gunns 20 were a group of scientists, lawyers, politicians, non-government organisations and environmental activists who Gunns tried to sue for daring to speak up for Tasmania’s ancient forests. The case lasted for many years and Gunns has now backed down. More recently, Gunns has announced that it will be pulling out of native forest logging, which is a tribute to the efforts of the Gunns 20 and all those who stood up for Tasmania’s forests.

In the United Kingdom, the Ratcliffe on Trial defendants are twenty people who have just been convicted by a jury of conspiracy charges after a highly condemned police swoop that arrested 114 people on suspicion of trying to blockade the Ratcliffe power station, the UK’s third-largest coal-fired power station. They relied on expert testimony from climate scientists and health experts to plead that their actions were necessary to prevent the greater harm of climate change. They are now awaiting sentencing and face up to three months in prison.

Climate Action Newcastle – community-based climate action group

Transition Towns Newcastle – creating local transition to make Newcastle resilient to the effects of climate change and peak oil

ClimateMovement.Org.Au – find links to a climate action group near you

Environmental Defenders’ Office – our fantastic lawyers

Friends of the Earth Australia

Six Degrees

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Nature Conservation Council of NSW

The Wilderness Society

Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Student Environment Network

Beyond Zero Emissions

Lock the Gate Alliance

Rising Tide International

Climate Justice Action

Global Justice Ecology Project


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