Support Us

We appreciate all of the support you are able to give! Here are some things you can do:

  • Spread the word! Send this link to your family and friends, post it on Facebook, Twitter or Myspace
  • Talk to your state MP about this case and ask them to amend the Victim’s Support and Rehabilitation Act so that it does not apply to corporate persons, but only to victims of crime.
  • Send us a support statement so that we can put it on the website. If you know anybody who carries a lot of weight, ask them to send one too!
  • Organise a film night or fundraiser raffle. We are currently producing a short film about the action and the compensation claim, so stay tuned. Drop us an email if you want to help with the film.
  • Any donations to cover legal fees would be appreciated.

2 Responses to Support Us

  1. Amanda says:

    Is it worth getting support from MPs in other states?

    • risingtide7 says:

      Absolutely. The Victim’s Support and Rehabilitation Act is a NSW act, but support is welcome from everywhere. Rising Tide is a non-partisan organisation and we welcome support from wherever it comes, especially in this civil liberties case.

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